Treasurer - Kim Chalifoux



As the Township’s treasury manager, this elected position is responsible for the collection and management of all monies owed to the Township. This position is a member of the Board of Trustees.

Essential Job Functions:


Prepares tax billings, collects, real, personal property, and special assessed taxes, fees and other monies due to the Township. Submits funds to appropriate taxing jurisdictions. 

Performs cash management functions including investment of municipal funds. Investigates and examines various investment options in order to achieve the best possible rate of return.

Prepares detailed financial reports for submission to the Board of Trustees, State and Federal regulatory agencies and financial institutions.

Responds to requests for information from citizens and financial institutions regarding the tax assessment and collection process.

As a member of the Township Board, is involved in the preparation and implementation of the Township’s Budget, policy setting and management of the Township.

Supervises the activities of the Deputy Treasurer and the Assistant to the Treasurer.

Acts as a liaison between the Township, citizens, news media, other governmental agencies and municipal professionals regarding treasury issues.

Responds to changing regulations and policies regarding municipal management through professional materials, educational seminars, and information sharing.

Performs related duties as required.